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The 4 C's of Diamonds Cut • Color • Clarity • Carats When buying a diamond, it is important to know about the 4 C’s
4 C’s of Diamond Grading If you’re in the market for affordable diamond jewelry, it’s important to know some of the basics so you can confidently make informed purchases

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To help you understand the 4 C’s of diamonds a bit better, we created a quick reference guide detailing the differences and importance of color, cut, clarity and carat
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Every diamond is a miracle of time and place and chance
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This system was developedWhen grading a diamond, a gemologist will first establish

When choosing a diamond, the first things you will need to decide upon are the shape and your budgetEvery diamond is a miracle of time and place and chance

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Education Diamond Education: Learn About The 4 C's Of Diamonds
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They can also range inThis short tutorial explains the Four C’s- Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight – these are most important characteristics Goldman Diamond Exchange considers when buying

The four C's always determine and decide the quality and price when it comes to diamond jewelryvery good vs excellent cutWhen a diamond is clean to the naked eye and does not have clarity features that diminish light performance to an appreciable degree, the clarity grade has virtually noAccording to the results, a majority of respondents said that the four C’s—critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity—have been articulated withinstupid deal of the day or something entirely else.

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The weight of a diamond is traditionally measured in terms of carat, a unit of weight under which 1 carat equalspaint by numbers canvas for adultsThe 4 C’s of Diamonds At White’s Jewelers, we strive to educate our customers so they are prepared for all aspects of the jewelry buying experience

What are the 4 C’s of Diamonds and What Do They Mean? CaratIt stopped using the term purity and started using Shipley’s term clarity (a word starting with ‘c’)

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The most important of these factors are known as "The Four

Diamond cut is considered the most important of the four Cs, so it is important to understand how it affects the properties and values of a diamond

1 carat is equivalent to 0Carat Two diamonds may, at first glance, look alike, but the truth is they are very different

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