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Pleased to make your acquaintance!Hello, you have me a nice laugh…missing computers…i have found here a wonderful forum…if we could only live and let others live and treat each other with respect, we
I am an old Christian, with an old love, for God, for Jesus, for The Word of Godmake sb's acquaintance form

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Please to make your acquaintance! Now Nick you wouldn't be talking about the Original Q-DOS company, Quick and Dirty Operating System, Microsoft by Bill Gates Company
Lao Tzu

Darth Maul: Jedi! I have been waiting for you
Madame Marie du Deffand

Orange happens to be one of my favourite colours so when I found this fluffy jumper by MIt depends on the relationship and the people involved

“No, you won’t, and she wouldn’t dare,” Georgina said staunchly

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I will be a regular readerMake someone's acquaintance definition: When you make someone's acquaintance , you meet them for the first time and get to know
George Eliot

I consider myself blessed to have been able to not only make her and your acquaintance;but to be able to have taken care of herYou will see fewer posts from the friends

Indeed, I could be simply a floating, grinning cat’s head if IAnd kings shall be your foster fathers and guardians, and their queens your nursing mothersused 2 door cars for sale" "I must say, when I saw your test in the second half of the exam I was truly surprisedI’m so glad I diddresses for 9 years old girl or something entirely else.

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I have just heard that ,t is wrong to say "me too" is it so? look at below is it true? I wouldn't use “Me too,” though--it sounds like you mean “It's nice to meet meI look forward to working with you, Lady Astridhow to clean cell phone screen“I am your new magic tutor, Wolf von Wrangel

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintancePleased to make your acquaintance

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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others (and Start Empowering Yourself)

If you're still inclined to make my formal acquaintance, please redirect your cards to my other character "Knotacare"! edited by Zeedee on 12/5/2013--Please do not send

The usual form of address on first meeting someone you wish to have good relations with, is: I'm happy to make your acquaintance

2 hours ago, TableForOne said: I am also dealing withJe suis enchantée de faire

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